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B.A. (Wisconsin-Green Bay)
M.S. & Ph.D. (Texas A&M)

Tel: +604 653 2653
Office: C14/110

Research Interests:
Consumer and Household Demand, 
Health Economics, Environmental Economics


Andrew is an applied micro-economist, with ongoing research and interests in consumer & household demand and health economics. His work in health economics includes identifying the socio-demographic determinants of body weight status, cancer screening, metabolic syndrome, physical activity participation, fruits and vegetables consumption, cigarette smoking, and alcohol consumption.

Born and bred in Penang, Malaysia, Andrew spent his formative years at the Francis Light School 1 (’78) and Penang Free School (’85). He holds B.A. in Economics from University of Wisconsin-Green Bay (’88), and both M.S. (’91) and Ph.D. (‘94) in Agricultural Economics from Texas A&M University.

Andrew began his career in academia at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in 1994 and is currently Professor of Economics since 2015. Throughout his tenure at USM, he taught various courses, with primary responsibilities on undergraduate level Microeconomics and graduate level Resource and Environmental Economics.

To date, Andrew has consulted for Bank Negara Malaysia, WorldFish Center, Socio-Economic Research Institute (SERI), and DCT Consultancy Services (Penang) Sdn. Bhd. He was also appointed as Research Fellow by the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS), Singapore and Visiting Professor by El Colegio de Mexico.

Apart from being an academician, Andrew was also the USM men and women’s varsity volleyball coach from 1994–2006. He was Head Coach of the Malaysian women and men’s volleyball teams to the 10th (Bangkok, Thailand in 1999) and 12th (Surabaya, Indonesia in 2004) ASEAN University Games, respectively.

altAndrew is currently residing in the island paradise cum foodie haven of Penang (Malaysia) with his wife and two lovely daughters (Allyssa & Allynna). He is an avid fan of the National Football League (NFL), particularly of the Green Bay Packers. "Go Pack Go!!!!"

“(The) ultimate goal of pursuing knowledge is to give it all away” – Karndee Leopairote


Selected Publications


Yen, S.T., Tan, A.K.G. and Feisul, M.I. "Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables in Malaysia: Profiling the Daily and Non-Daily Consumers." Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health. Accepted for publication.


Tan, A.K.G., Yen, S.T., Hasan, A.R. and Muhamed, K. "Determinants of Purchase Likelihoods and Amounts Spent on Meat in Malaysia: A Sample Selection System Approach." Agricultural and Resource Economics Review. Accepted for publication. 





Jelani, J., Tan, A.K.G. and Mohd-Zaharim, N. (2014). "Demand for Extracurricular Activities Among Primary School Students: Exploratory Evidence from Survey Data in Penang (Malaysia)." The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher. 24(1): 125–135.

Tan, A.K.G., Yen, S.T., Hasan, A.R. and Muhamed, K. (2014). "Demand for Life Insurance in Malaysia: An Ethnic Comparison Using Household Expenditure Survey Data." Asia-Pacific Journal of Risk and Insurance. 8(2): 179–204.


Cheah, Y.K. and Tan, A.K.G. (2014). "Determinants of Leisure Time Physical Activity: Evidence from Malaysia." The Singapore Economic Review. 59(2): (doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1142/S0217590814500179).





Tan, A.K.G., Yen, S.T. and Feisul, M.I. (2013). "The Association Between Smoking and Body Mass Index: Results from a National Sample of Malaysian Adults." Journal of Public Health. 21(5): 403–412.


Loke, Y.J., Yen, S.H., Tan, A.K.G. and Lai, Y.W. (2013). "Do Businesses Exhibit Payment Preferences as Payors? Evidence from Malaysia." Malaysian Journal of Economic Studies. 50(1): 37–52.


Loke, Y.J., Yen, S.T. and Tan, A.K.G. (2013). "Credit Ownership and Debt Status in Malaysia." The Singapore Economic Review. 58(3): http://dx.doi.org/10.1142/S0217590813500161.


Yen, S.T. and Tan, A.K.G. (2012). "Who are Eating and Not Eating Fruits and Vegetables in Malaysia?" International Journal of Public Health. 57(6): 945–951.

Dunn, R.A., Tan, A.K.G. and Nayga, R.M. (2012). "Obesity Inequality in Malaysia: Decomposing Differences by Gender and Ethnicity Using Quantile Regression." Ethnicity & Health. 17(5): 493–511. 

Tan, A.K.G., Yen, S.T. and Feisul, M.I. (2012). “Determinants of Body Weight Status in Malaysia: An Ethnic Comparison.” International Journal of Public Health57(2): 279–288. [Abstract]

Tan, A.K.G. (2012). “Distinguishing Between Non-smokers, Casual Smokers, and Compulsive Smokers: Evidence from Malaysia.” Atlantic Economic Journal. 40: 173–184.

Jelani, J. and Tan, A.K.G. (2012). “Determinants of Participation and Expenditure Patterns of Private Tuition Received by Primary School Students in Penang, Malaysia: An Exploratory Study." Asia Pacific Journal of Education32(1): 35–51. [Abstract]


Tan, A.K.G., Yen, S.T. and Loke, Y.J. (2011). "Credit Card Holders, Convenience Users and Revolvers: A Tobit Model with Binary Selection and Ordinal Treatment." Journal of Applied Economics.14(2): 225–255. [Abstract]

Loke, Y.J., Yen, S.T. and Tan, A.K.G. (2011). "Credit Card Averters and Amassers: Evidence from Malaysia." Asian Economic Journal. 25(4): 397–412. [Abstract]

Tan, A.K.G., Dunn, R.A. and Yen, S.T. (2011). “Ethnic Disparities in Metabolic Syndrome in Malaysia: An Analysis by Risk Factors.” Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders9(6): 441–451. [Abstract]

Teoh, Z.M. and Tan, A.K.G. (2011). “Determinants of Library Use Amongst University Students.” Malaysian Journal of Library & Information Sciences16(2): 21–31. untitled

Yen, S.T., Tan, A.K.G. and Nayga, Jr., R.M. (2011). “Determinants of Fruit and Vegetable Consumption in Malaysia: An Ordinal System Approach.” The Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics. 55: 239–256. [Abstract]

Dunn, R.A. and Tan, A.K.G. (2011). “Utilization of Breast Cancer Screening Methods in a Developing Nation: Results from a Nationally Representative Sample of Malaysian Households.” The Breast Journal. 17(4): 399–402. [Abstract]

Tan, A.K.G., Dunn, R.A., Samad, M.I.A. and Feisul, M.I. (2011). “Socio-demographic and Health-lifestyle Determinants of Obesity Risks in Malaysia.” Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health23(2): 192–202. Published on 10 May 2010 as doi:10.1177/1010539509359535. [Abstract]


Dunn, R.A. and Tan, A.K.G. (2010). "Cervical Cancer Screening in Malaysia: Are Targeted Interventions Necessary?" Social Science & Medicine. 71(6): 1089–1093.

Ong, W.L. and Tan, A.K.G. (2010). "A Note on the Determinants of Airline Choice: The Case of Air Asia and Malaysia Airlines." Journal of Air Transport Management. 16(4): 209–212.

Dunn, R.A., Tan, A.K.G. and Samad, M.I.A. (2010). "Does Performance of Breast Self-Exams Increase the Probability of Using Mammography: Evidence from Malaysia." Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention. 11: 417–421.

Tan, A.K.G. (2010). "Demand for Food-Away-From-Home in Malaysia: A Sample Selection Analysis by Ethnicity and Gender." Journal of Foodservice Business Research. 13(3): 252–267.

Tan, A.K.G., Yen, S.T. and Nayga, Jr. R.M. (2010). "Socio-Demographic Determinants of Gambling Participation and Expenditures: Evidence from Malaysia." International Journal of Consumer Studies. 34(3): 316–325.

Quah, S.H. and Tan, A.K.G. (2010). "Consumer Purchase Decisions of Organic Food Products: An Ethnic Analysis." Journal of International Consumer Marketing. 22(1): 47–58.

updated: 3 March 2014


Research Grants
(Title; Granting agency; Collaborators; Term; Status)

A Study on the Purchase Likelihoods and Expenditure Patterns of Selected Household Items in Malaysia; Universiti Sains Malaysia Research University (RU) grant; (with Ch'ng Kean Siang); 2013-2015; On-going.
Determinants of Learning Management System (LMS) Use Among Students in Open Distance Learning Institutions: The Case of Wawasan Open University; Wawasan Open University Research Grant; (with Ng Peng Long); 2012-2015; On-going.
Production of Tocopherols, Organic Acids, Bio-Ethanol, Bio-Adhesive and Bio-Corrosion Inhibitors from Oil Palm Frond; Universiti Sains Malaysia Research University (RU) grant; (with Mohamad Nasir B. Mohamad Ibrahim et al.); 2011-2015; On-going.
An Investigation of the Risk Factors of Non-Communicable Diseases in Malaysia: A Health Economics Perspective; Universiti Sains Malaysia Research University (RU) grant; (with Ch’ng Kean Siang); 2011-2014; Completed.
Determinants of Non-Communicable Diseases in Malaysia: An Economic Analysis; Universiti Sains Malaysia Research University (RU) grant; Principal Researcher; 2008-2011; Completed.
The Determinants of Credit Cards Demand in Malaysia: An Exploratory Study of Three Major Cities; Universiti Sains Malaysia Short Term grant; (with Loke Yiing Jia); 2008-2010; Completed.
Examining Malaysian Household Expenditure Patterns on Gambling; Universiti Sains Malaysia Short Term grant; Principal Researcher; 2006-2008; Completed.
Examining Malaysian Consumer Decisions and Expenditure Patterns on Selected Consumer Products: A Study on Fish and Seafood; Universiti Sains Malaysia Short Term grant; Principal Researcher; 2004-2005; Completed.


Undergraduate Master's
Microeconomics I* Resource & Environmental Economics*
Microeconomics II Research Methodology (co-teaching)
Agricultural Production Economics  
Mathematics for Economists  


SEW101 Microeconomics - Tutorial / Exam Answer Keys (Semester I, 2016/17)

1            4        Mid-Term Exam             
2 5       SEW101 grade calculator 

( NOTE: Links will be re-activated during Semester I 2017/2018 )

CAI (Computer-Aided Instruction)

Download CAI


SME551 - Resource & Environmental Economics



SEW499 - Projek Penyelidikan / Research Project (Final Year Project)




  Name Title of study Graduation year Remarks
1. Mangleswari Subramaniam Supply Chain in the Agricultural Sector in Malaysia On-going Main supervisor
2. Gwee Sai Ling An examination of the economic value and recreation demand of the Belum-Temengor Rainforest Complex 2015 Main supervisor
3. Woo Kuan Heong The attractiveness of public employment: A study of perception among final year university students in Peninsular Malaysia 2011 Co-supervisor


Master's (Foreign Universities)

  Name Title of study University  Graduation year Remarks
1. Dina Darshini Balanehru A study of stakeholder perceptions towards the use of oil palm based biofuel and biomass utilisation in Malaysia University of Edinburgh 2012 Co-supervisor
2. Sylvia Lim Obesity and dining out: An exploration of dietary trends in Malaysia University of South Florida  2014 Field-supervisor


Master's by Research

  Name Title of study Graduation year Remarks
1. Nurnabilah Bte Mohd Jelani Penglibatan wanita dalam pertanian Malaysia: suatu kajian persepsi dan daya tahan/tarikan penyertaan di Perak On-going Main supervisor


Master's in Economic Management (MEM)

  Name Title of study Graduation year Remarks
1. Chan Hui Ling Keanjalan penggantian faktor bagi industri-industri sektor pembuatan di Malaysia yang terpilih pada tahun 1997 2001 -
2. Ling Liew Ching Women labour force in secondary schools in Penang 2002 -
3. Kang Sock Hwa Factors determining decisions of Penang residents to travel domestically and frequency of domestic travelling 2002 Published
4. Ng Joo Lynn Factors determining purchasing decisions of life insurance and life insurance premium expenditures amongst married couples in Penang 2003 -
5. Chen Kah Chun Factors determining the decisions to purchase food from and household expenditures in fast-food restaurants 2003 -
6. Sia Mee Ling Factors determining public support for the Penang Outer Ring Road (PORR): An application of Logit analysis 2003 -
7. Tang Kieng Hing Faktor-faktor yang mempengaruhi penglibatan siswazah Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) dalam perniagaan francais 2003 -
8. Lee Song Haur Factors determining Penang households' expenditure patterns on vitamins and minerals: The Tobit approach 2004 Presented
9. Ho Way Chiang Determinants of public support for the Penang Second Link 2004 -
10. Wong Soo Chen Perbelanjaan terhadap perkhidmatan telefon bimbit dikalangan pelajar Sekolah Menengah di Pulau Pinang: Pendekatan model Tobit 2004 -
11. Lee Ee Ling Determinants of household expenditures on fixed line and mobile phone services in Penang 2004 -
12. Lok Chin Fai Factors determining decisions to purchase pirated VCD or DVD in Penang: An Application of the Logit analysis 2005 -
13. Helen Lee Factors determining Malaysian household purchase decisions and expenditures on food-away-from-home 2005 Published & Presented
14. Lim Geik Ling Faktor-faktor yang mempengaruhi corak perbelanjaan rekreasi isi-rumah di Malaysia 2005 -
15. Shahril Zamani An exploratory analysis of familiarity and willingness to use online shopping services in Penang 2007 -
16. Quah Su Huey Faktor-faktor yang mempengaruhi individu dalam membuat keputusan membeli makanan organik: Satu kajian kes di Pulau Pinang 2007 Published
17. Ong Wooi Leng Consumers' choice of Air Asia or Malaysia Airlines to selected cities in Malaysia: A case study using Penang data 2008 Published
18. Juliana Jelani Determinants of private tuition amongst school children: Evidence from Penang, Malaysia 2009 Published & Presented
19. Cheah Yong Kang Determinants of leisure time physical activity: Evidence from Malaysia 2010 Published
20. Lee Lian Yee Examining the willingness-to-use of the Monorail System as an alternative mode of public transportation: A case study amongst Bayan Lepas workers 2011 -
21. Chew Si Jie Demand for insurance in Malaysia: Ethnic analysis using household expenditures data  2013 -
22. Prabha A/P G. Annamalai Patterns of fruit and vegetable consumption among adults in Penang (Malaysia) 2015 -
23. Selvam A/L Manisakaram The socio-demographic factors associated with pathological gamblers and non-gamblers in Penang (Malaysia) 2015 -


Final Year Projects

  Name Title of study Graduation year Remarks
1. Lim Pei Fern & Quah Su Huey Faktor-faktor yang mempengaruhi pemilikan bilangan kad kredit di Pulau Pinang: Penggunaan analisis regresi 2006 -
2. Yap Siew Hui & Wong Lai Yei Household demand for petrol: A case study in Penang 2006 -
3. Teoh Zei Mei Demand for library services: A case study of Universiti Sains Malaysia students 2010 Published
4. Tan Su Fen Demand for fast-food amongst university students: An exploratory study amongst students from Universiti Sains Malaysia 2011 -
5. Low Hong Joo  Obesity & Overweight: An exploratory study of determinants and perception among Universiti Sains Malaysia students  2014 Published
6. Teo Zheng Wei Demand for Health/Takaful insurance: A study among Universiti Sains Malaysia students  2014 -
7. Alison Wok Li Jin & Chong Hui Sin  Examining the eating patterns of university students: A case study of Universiti Sains Malaysia 2015 -
8.  Tang Chew Fong & Yeoh Sin Huey Determinants of health supplements consumption among students in Universiti Sains Malaysia 2015 -
9. Chang Hui Kian & Ida Loh  Determinants of physical activity & exercise among students in Universiti Sains Malaysia 2015 -
10. Edward Low Wai Leong & Kok Jin Liang  A study of brand preference of laptops among Universiti Sains Malaysia students  2015 -


Awards & Recognitions
(Name of award/recognition; Granting agency; Date)

Nominated for the Anugerah Akademik Negara 2013 (National Academic Awards 2013): Journal publications category; Ministry of Education Malaysia; September 2014.

Nominated for the Anugerah Akademik Negara 2012 (National Academic Awards 2012): Journal publications category; Ministry of Education Malaysia; August 2013.

Anugerah Sanggar Sanjung; Universiti Sains Malaysia; 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

Hadiah Sanggar Sanjung; Universiti Sains Malaysia; 2009, 2010, 2011.

Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang (Excellent Service Award) 2011/2012; Universiti Sains Malaysia; 2012.

Excellence Award in Teaching; School of Social Sciences; Universiti Sains Malaysia; 2004-2007, 2009-2011.

Excellence Award in Coaching (Volleyball); Universiti Sains Malaysia; 2003/2004.



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